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#372: bifcl cannot pass specific enum types
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Comment (by gregor):


 How use enums in C++, bif, and .bro

 That's actually pretty straight forward. The functionality has been in Bro
 for quite a while but it has been scarcely used.

 In ``const.bif`` you can define enums. These are then available in the
 policy layer as well
 as in the C++/bif layer. E.g.,::

   enum foobar %{

 Will make the enum ``foobar`` available in the policy layer.

 For the C++ layer the bif will automatically the following code that is
 included in ``NetVar.h`` (and also the necessary initialization code)::

    extern EnumType* enum_foobar;
    namespace BroEnum { enum foobar {

 Some code snippets showing how you can make use of those in C++ and bif::

   BroEnum::foobar x;
   x = BroEnum::foo;
   if (x == BroEnum::bar)

   EnumVal *y = new EnumVal(x, enum_foobar);
   EnumVal *z = new EnumVal(BroEnum::bar, enum_foobar);
   // y and z can now be passed to an event or returned from a bif.
   // In the policy script the type would be foobar.


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