[Bro-Dev] #391: topic/gregor/fix-val-64bit -- Integer type fixes

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Wed Feb 9 16:37:52 PST 2011

#391: topic/gregor/fix-val-64bit  -- Integer type fixes
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 CHANGES entry:

 * Fixing endianess error in XDR when data is not 4-byte aligned
 * Fix for Val constructor with new int64 typedefs.
 * Updated fix for OS X 10.5 compile error wrt llabs()
 * Fix more compiler warning wrt printf format strings


 Some more details
 * Val::Val had prototypes for int, long, int64, etc. But depending on
   the architecture some of those might be the same (int64 and long) thus
   yielding a compile error.

   Fix: only use int32, int64, etc. for prototype. ints and longs can
   still be passed, since they will match one of these fixed-width types
   regardless of platform.

 * Passes the test suite

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