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#398: "make dist" requires cmake and swig
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 Let me start out by saying I don't understand cmake yet. Meanwhile, I see
 aspects of the current setup that seem like problems to me.

 One is that to do "make dist" in a working tree, you must have cmake and
 swig installed.

 I assume there are parallels between cmake the auto* tools.  That is when
 you want to change the cmake configuration you have to run a command or
 script. But I think there's a lot of value in using the same configure
 scripts for development as end users; rare problems are found prior to
 release and rough edges get cleaned up.

 But also I've always tried to make my packages self replicating.  So if I
 have a source control working tree or an unpacked distribution, I can
 always build a new distribution without special tools.  Sure, if I want to
 change the configure script I probably need some extra software but to
 make a small tweak and repackage I just need tar.

 So, ideally I'd like to see scripts named "configure" be the same as what
 gets packaged into distributions and the current script be called
 something else.

 In any case, it seems like a bug to me that while "make dist" complains if
 cmake is not on the path, it doesn't also check for swig; clearly it's
 needed since the process bombs if it's not installed.

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