[Bro-Dev] Compile errors

Don Appleman appleman at ncsa.illinois.edu
Wed Feb 16 14:34:05 PST 2011

Thanks for the helpful suggestions. I first compared the two versions of build/config.h and found that the defined sizes of the various types match. However, I also noticed that the version numbers were out of sync.

The NMI build always does a "git pull" prior to the build, and was completely up to date; the source on my laptop was out of date. Now that I've updated my laptop to the latest master (in a new directory I ran "git clone --recursive git://git.icir.org/bro"), I get the same compile errors on my laptop.

Any further guidance in addressing these compile errors is much appreciated. The remaining differences between the two builds are that the NMI version does not yet include libMagic or libGeoIP.

Thanks again,

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Is this with current master? I fixed some defintions for the
int64-related typedefs a while ago in there. (If it's really exactly
the same platform, that shouldn't make a difference between NMI and
your laptop, but who knows).


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