[Bro-Dev] #402: [PATCH] -fPIC is needed for FreeBSD/amd64

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#402: [PATCH] -fPIC is needed for FreeBSD/amd64
  Reporter:  leres     |      Owner:  jsiwek
      Type:  Problem   |     Status:  assigned
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 Component:  Broccoli  |    Version:  git/devel
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Changes (by jsiwek):

 * owner:  kreibich => jsiwek
 * status:  new => assigned


 The way the ./configure --help options are explained is definitely
 misleading.  --enable-static/shared only really apply to the libbroccoli
 library.  I'll change the wording.

 The _broccoli_intern.so you see being linked in your error is for the
 python bindings and that's done by SWIG.  It will always be represented in
 CMake terms as a MODULE.  From

 > MODULE libraries are plugins that are not linked into other targets but
 may be loaded dynamically at runtime using dlopen-like functionality

 So I think you're taking the right approach in trying to get libbroccoli.a
 compiled with -fPIC, but I'm not sure right now why your patch didn't
 work.  Feel free to race me to a solution.

 Though, generally speaking, I want to say that if you are creating the
 python bindings module, then it may be better (i.e. more flexibly) to link
 it against a shared libbroccoli.so (and then this issue with -fPIC
 shouldn't be an issue because all shared libs on x86_64 should require

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