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#295: Create prebuilt binary packages
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Comment (by robin):

 >  I don't have a strong urge to investigate further, so it may be that we
 >  have to make an i386 package for 10.5+ and an x86_64 package for 10.6+.
 >  We should probably consider this again at the time we're ready for a
 >  1.6 release -- maybe we want to make it a habit to only make packages
 >  OS versions currently supported by Apple, which may be 10.6 and 10.7 by
 >  the time we're ready.

 Both sound good, assuming that doing the extra i386 package for 10.5
 is not significantly more work to set it up. If it is, we can even
 do just the 10.6; people can always compile themselves.

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