[Bro-Dev] [Bro-Commits] [git/broctl] master: Changing some installation paths. (90ddc4d)

Jonathan Siwek jsiwek at ncsa.illinois.edu
Mon Jan 10 13:57:04 PST 2011

> > case, which is a problem. In other words, for a fresh install, the
> > spool and logs directories don't get created for me.
> Hmm, just tried it, and they do get created for me with current
> master. (Though I indeed might have misunderstood OPTIONS, from a
> quick try I don't see a difference without).

Yeah, after thinking about it again, the OPTIONAL flag shouldn't cause different behavior in the case of not supplying a src dir and probably actually doesn't (though, I think it still doesn't help accomplish what you need).  I think I figured out what was actually happening to me...
> So, not sure what's different over here. Here's what I need: I have
> a setup where I link spool and logs to somewhere else. I do that
> manually after the first "make install", and then need later "make
> installs" to not delete those links, but jsut follow them as
> necessary. I thought that the "NOT EXISTS" would do the trick?

That check will happen at the configure time.  So the problem I ran into was I had a previous installation at /usr/local/bro, then I did:

cd build
# at this point I realize that I have an existing installation that I want to get rid of to test a clean install
rm -rf /usr/local/bro 
make install

So /usr/local/bro/spool/* and /usr/local/bro/logs didn't get created because they existed at configure time.
> > Are you able to give the platform and CMake version that produced
> FreeBSD and cmake 2.8.2

So the question I have now is, does CMake code like the following:


actually overwrite your symlinks on FreeBSD while doing `make install`?

I don't see that happening on OS X 10.6 (w/ CMake 2.8.3) or Fedora 14 (w/ CMake 2.8.2).

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