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#350: topic/jsiwek/packaging
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 This topic exists across all the main bro repositories: bro, binpac, bro-
 aux, broccoli, broccoli-python, broctl, capstats, trace-summary,
 pysubnettree as well as bro-scripts (which currently isn't found in the
 bro tree by means of git submodule) and establishes a framework for source
 and binary packaging (via CPack).  They can be considered for merging to


 * `make dist` is now available to be used with the top-level Makefile for
 creating source packages according to #344
 * `make-rpm-packages` and `make-mac-packages` scripts can now generate
 binary packages according to #295
 * Additional configure options to change packaging behavior
 * OS X builds will now prefer to link static libraries of optional
 dependencies that don't come with the vanilla operating system
 * Fix for OS X 10.5 compile error dealing with the llabs() function from
 * Installing as a different user than the one that configured/built now
 works (although, a harmless error message about not being able to write
 the install manifest may occur)

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