[Bro-Dev] #354: Allow analyser to process partial HTTP connections.

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Wed Jan 19 09:04:36 PST 2011

#354: Allow analyser to process partial HTTP connections.
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Comment (by seth):

 From Sridhar:
 > I have applications which use a persistant HTTP connections to
 > talk to upstream services. These connections live for a really long
 > time, thousands/tens of thousands of requests on a single tcp
 > connection. I use bro to analyse http request and replies for these
 > applications.  I need the ability to run the analyser for these
 > partial connections in the pcap file.

 Ah!  I totally understand your frustration with this behavior then.  We'll
 make sure and discuss this for the 1.6 release.  It's definitely not going
 to make it into a 1.5.x release for the reasons that Robin mentioned

 Thanks for following up.  That's a great example for this ticket.


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