[Bro-Dev] config.status

Jonathan Siwek jsiwek at ncsa.illinois.edu
Thu Jan 20 09:07:09 PST 2011

> > And AFAIK the config.status files get's deleted when you do a "make
> > distclean".
> Yeah, I know, and I should have written "rm -rf build" instead of
> "make distlean". But ok, I think I can live with having this file
> being generated inside the build directiory.

I was also going to agree with Gregor's rationale of not polluting the source tree.  Plus if one wants to use a single source tree for multiple build trees, then you either have to overwrite the config.status or start disambiguating like config.status.${builddir}.

But yeah, I should be able to get it to create config.status's in build dirs.

- Jon

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