[Bro-Dev] #363: Sets of records with optional values is broken

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#363: Sets of records with optional values is broken
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 If you have a record with optional value(s) and the optional value(s)
 aren't assigned to, adding an instance of that record type to a set (or
 probably using it as an index of any kind) fails.

 Example code:


 type FOO: record {
         a: count;
         b: count;
         c: count &optional;

 global foobar: set[FOO] = set();

 event bro_init()
         local bar : FOO = [$a=1, $b=2];
         add foobar[bar];

 Gives this error:

 1295905258.355592 <no location> and ./test.bro, line 7
    ([a=1, b=2, c=<uninitialized>] and list of record { a:count; b:count;
 c:count; }): error, index type doesn't match table

 It seems that the type checking being done by the list code doesn't
 account for the &optional attribute.

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