[Bro-Dev] #366: Crash with optional table and record ctors

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#366: Crash with optional table and record ctors
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Comment (by seth):

 >     type request: record {
 >         ...
 >         t: time;
 >         x: table[string] of string &optional &default="-";
 >         ...
 >         }
 >     local req: request = [$t=network_time()];  # <-- here

 This is actually crashing because of the &default.  If you remove the
 &optional attribute, it still crashes.

 What are you trying to set to "-"?  It doesn't make much sense that you'd
 get back a table like this:

 [ ["-"] = nil ]

 Of course Bro doesn't have a nil value anyway, but you get the idea.  The
 use of the &default attribute on complex types in records has never been
 very well defined and I think this is one of the cases where things need
 handled differently.  It occurs to me that I should be able to provide the
 default attribute something like this:

 x: table[string] of string &default = table(["-"] = "<empty>");

 I know that would cause some problems with execution time and is why
 table() and set() can't be used as default attributes yet, but it should
 definitely work.  I think that has been one of my largest annoyances about
 the scripting language overall.

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