[Bro-Dev] #366: Crash with optional table and record ctors

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Wed Jan 26 15:52:54 PST 2011

#366: Crash with optional table and record ctors
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Comment (by vern):

 Seth, I think it's actually different.  The semantics of {{{ x:
 table[string] of string &optional &default="-" }}} is that x is an
 optional field, and it's type is {{{table[string] of string}}}.  In
 addition, if you look up a string in that table and the value isn't
 present, then what's returned is the string {{{"-"}}}.  I.e.,
 {{{&default}}} associates with the value of missing table elements, not
 with the value of the entire record field missing (which IIRC isn't
 controllable).  At least, I'm pretty sure I have that right ...

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