[Bro-Dev] cmake/install question

Jonathan Siwek jsiwek at ncsa.illinois.edu
Thu Jan 27 10:13:33 PST 2011

> when I change one of the broctl Python scripts, the change doesn't seem to get copied over into the build directory

Hmm. I thought I remember streamlining it so that the BroControl scripts don't get copied into the build directory anymore, they're installed straight from the source dir.

I think what you're seeing in the build dir is just leftovers from before this change happened and it's just a red herring.

> (and therefore then also not installed on "make install"):

I don't see the same behavior with a fresh clone.  After `make install`:

$ ls -l ./build/aux/broctl/BroControl/
ls: ./build/aux/broctl/BroControl/: No such file or directory

$ tail -n2 /usr/local/bro/lib/broctl/BroControl/options.py 


$ echo "# some modification" >> aux/broctl/BroControl/options.py 

$ make install

$ tail -n2 /usr/local/bro/lib/broctl/BroControl/options.py 
# some modification

Maybe you weren't looking in the right install prefix for the change?

I don't think it's possible for it to accidentally be picking up those old files in build directory, but you might try deleting them to see if that changes the behavior.

- Jon

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