[Bro-Dev] #372: bifcl cannot pass specific enum types

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#372: bifcl cannot pass specific enum types
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 From Seth:

 > I have an enum named Logging::ID, and I want it to be the first argument
 in this BiF…
  > {{{function logging_log%(id: Logging::ID, rec: any%): bool}}}

 From Gregor:

 > bifcl supports enums (it just casts them as a "neutral" Val*, same as
 > for record types). So it would just be a matter of telling bifcl to
 > accept the Namespace::Type name syntax. That should be it.
 > The C part doesn't really care about the type. It's all a "netural"
 > Val*. The type is only used for the policy file and type checking.
 > EnumType and EnumVal should make accessing the enum's value relatively
 > easy. I'm using that in my re-working of the NFS analyzer. Let me know
 > if you want details.

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