[Bro-Dev] New logging architecture

Gilbert Clark gc355804 at ohio.edu
Thu Jul 7 12:26:06 PDT 2011

On 7/7/2011 2:34 PM, Jonathan Siwek wrote:
>> Another good point. Is there a good reason to keep inproc streams PUSH
>> / PULL if inter-process communications use PUB / SUB?
> The PUB socket has the potential to drop messages when a high-water mark
> is reached for a subscriber.  That didn't seem acceptable for inproc.
> (BTW, I don't know exactly how HWMs are defined, I was just glancing at
> the "zmq_socket" man page).
> - Jon

I could also see dropping messages under load as be a plus; wouldn't we 
want the event processing loop to keep running if whatever's receiving 
the inproc:// messages can't keep up?

It's true that we could end up with slightly inconsistent logs that way; 
at the same time, I think this could do quite a bit to help the event 
processor keep chugging along in the event the system as a whole became 


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