[Bro-Dev] 0MQ security considerations

Gilbert Clark gc355804 at ohio.edu
Thu Jul 7 13:21:46 PDT 2011

Re: alternate libraries, only thing I know of beyond boost::asio is ACE, 
but I never understood the license well enough to feel comfortable using 
it in any reasonably large project: 

It's a slick library, but only supports C++ to the best of my knowledge.

> We may overhaul
> the whole serialization (with its caching, lack of support for
> broadcasts, etc.) at some point as well but I think that's orthogonal
> and better done later/separately.

I don't necessarily agree that overhauling serialization is orthogonal, 
per se, to deploying a new communication framework.  Instead, I feel 
like the serialization framework is way too tightly coupled to the 
communication framework, and that it's really limiting what we're able 
to do with communication.

Figuring out what we want to do with both before we find a replacement 
for the communication library might be a good thing, since it would give 
us an idea of what kind of band-aid we would want to use while we're 
waiting for the serialization stuff to get redone.

> And: one conceptal change that we might consider is having Bro itslef
> actually use Broccoli and then handle all the communication in there.

I really like this idea.  I have a feeling it would enforce better 
design, would lead to awesome (and, more importantly, transparent) 
support for parallel / remote processing, and would allow the 
development of stuff for bro without dragging the entire bro project 
along as a dependency.


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