[Bro-Dev] 0MQ security considerations

Gilbert Clark gc355804 at ohio.edu
Sun Jul 10 19:19:46 PDT 2011

On 7/10/2011 7:26 AM, Gregor Maier wrote:
> On 7/9/11 21:22 , Gilbert Clark wrote:
>>> But anyway, mulling over this a bit more, let's just go with pthreads.
>> Will do.
> JFYI, pthread locking/unlocking can be expensive (my impression from
> using them for the TimeMachine). So, doing processing stuff in (small)
> batches while holding the lock might be a good idea to help performance.
> (Then, for the Log framework the number of messages being passed is
> probably also not that high compared to the TM)

Thanks for the note; will keep that in mind.


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