[Bro-Dev] script loading changes

Jonathan Siwek jsiwek at ncsa.illinois.edu
Wed Jul 13 11:20:32 PDT 2011

> Yeah, but I at least wouldn't expect anything else than the literal
> path to work here for foo.bar/foo/bar.blub.something anyway; not sure
> that's really unintuitive, it's messy to begin with already. :)

Yeah, good point.  I think e.g. python doesn't even really handle crazy
stuff like that well, so the answer of "don't try naming packages and
scripts with dots" is probably ok.
> How about one more tweak to the rules to make this explict: if there's
> at least one slash in a name, we don't do any dot-to-slash
> substiations at all. I.e., if you use use actual paths, you need to
> point to literal files names. If you use dot-style, we'll translate it
> into paths for you. Does that make sense?

Yes, that seems right to me.

- Jon

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