[Bro-Dev] Failing tests

Jonathan Siwek jsiwek at ncsa.illinois.edu
Tue Jul 19 19:14:26 PDT 2011

> doc.autogen-reST-all ... failed

Expected, I'm kind of waiting until the policy script re-organization
settles down to do something with it.

> core.load-pkg ... failed
> core.load-unload ... failed
> policy.misc.check-test-all ... failed
> policy.misc.testing-coverage ... failed
> policy.misc.loaded-scripts ... failed

I don't think there's any reason for these to fail except that
baselines haven't been updated or some @load in the test needs
to be renamed because it got moved around.

> policy.protocols.http.http-header-crlf ... failed
> policy.protocols.http.http-pipelining-and-md5 ... failed

Not sure about these, haven't looked at them before.

> All the external/* tests still fail as well.

I don't think those were being checked/updated in sync with
script updates.

- Jon

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