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#504: topic/script-load-changes
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 * Make @load statements recognize relative paths.

   For example a script can do "@load ./foo" to load a script named
   foo.bro that lives in the same directory or "@load ../bar" to load
   a script named bar.bro in the parent directory, even if those
   directories are not contained in BROPATH.

 * Reimplementation of the @prefixes statement. (closes #486)

   Any added prefixes are now used *after* all input files have been
   parsed to look for a prefixed, flattened version of the input file
   somewhere in BROPATH and, if found, load it.

   For example, if "lcl" is in @prefixes, and site.bro is loaded, then
   a file named "lcl.site.bro" that's in BROPATH would end up being
   automatically loaded as well.  Packages work similarly, e.g. loading
   "protocols/http" means a file named "lcl.protocols.http.bro" in BROPATH
   gets loaded automatically.

 * Fix @unload'd files from generating bro_script_loaded event.

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