[Bro-Dev] Quickstart guide feedback

Jonathan Siwek jsiwek at ncsa.illinois.edu
Tue Jul 26 15:42:56 PDT 2011

> Taking a closer look at the quickstart guide was still on my todo
> list. It's very nice! but some thoughts about structure:
> ...
> Taking these together, what I would suggest I think is to actually
> have one section just on BroControl, with the corresponding parts
> taken out of the current running/configuraion sections; and then a
> separate section on just command-line usage.  Does that make sense?

Yeah, it's more BroControl-centric now and the customization discussion focuses on working through a more specific example/use-case.  Let me know if anyone has more ideas about anything that might be added.

>    - Don't remember whether we talked abot this already, but
>    navigation links between the sections would be helpful.

I remembered it was also mentioned that having it on a single page might be preferred, so I did that for now to see what the impression is.

>    - For the preview, we should add a note that binary packages won't
>    be available before the final release.

I didn't add a note to the document yet, maybe that's something that could just be pointed out during the preview/beta announcement?

- Jon

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