[Bro-Dev] notice tags?

Vern Paxson vern at icir.org
Thu Jun 2 10:47:44 PDT 2011

> If we had a random() BiF I think we could do it pretty easily in scripting land because we could just fmt() the output from the random() function and trim it to a certain length.

I'm not sure that's as good.  We either need long tags, or have to start
worrying about collisions.  (Though if we had formatting to something like
radix-64, then we could probably get both short tags and almost no chance
of collision.)

> That gets us the on-demand determinism for testing and it's reusable for
> other things (if we ever need a random number generator again).

I think random() in general makes sense, just not sure this should be one
of its applications.


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