[Bro-Dev] #488: Bug in HTTP parser

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Thu Jun 30 22:42:14 PDT 2011

#488: Bug in HTTP parser
 Reporter:  robin       |       Type:  Problem
   Status:  new         |   Priority:  Normal
Milestone:  Bro1.6      |  Component:  Bro
  Version:  git/master  |
 I'm going to commit a test protocols/http/http-header-crlf.bro that
 triggers a problem in the HTTP parser where for a multipart/byteranges
 message it gets confused whether its in a header or not.

 To work around the crash, I'm also going to commit a fix that turns
 the ASSERT noticing the confusion into a weird.

 That's actually something we should generally do: it's not a good idea
 to bail out with an assertion if a parser gets out of sync. So the
 other todo for this ticket: replace all the HTTP ASSERTs with weirds.

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