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#408: Unique connection ID for bro
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 This is a summary of a mail thread on bro-dev and be worth considering as
 part of the work on the new logging framework.

 I was wondering whether it would make sense to assign each connection an
 ID that's unique for this bro run. This ID can just be a 64-bit counter
 that gets incremented on every new connection.

 Why: If we add this ID to log outputs, it would be much easier to
 correlate activity across logs (e.g., find the connection in http.log,
 alarm.log, and conn.log, without having to match 5-tuples and timestamps).
 Other use cases:

   * I want to count the number of HTTP request per connection

   * I do per connection stats (e.g., number of packets, number of
     bytes, retransmissions, RTTs), store them in their own log files
     and then want to correlate with the conn.log or the http.log

   * Easier debugging / analysis:
     I can just grep for the connectionID, instead of
     having to map between different connection formattings (e.g.,
     notices have origIP:origPort -> respIP:respPort but when I want
     to grep for them in conn.log, I have to do some awk to get there)

 I think this would be a rather nice (and very easy to implement) feature.

 Ideally these ID should be **unique across bro runs**. Otherwise crunching
 information from a big log archive woulnd't be much better than it
 is today. But that might mean we'd need to go beyond
 64-bit integers, perhaps to a string prefixed with something likely
 to be unique.

 Ideas on how to achieve uniqueness across Bro runs:

 We can probably keep a 64 bit counter internally and also add a
 bro_instance_ID, that's globally unique across Bro runs. For logging, we
 can then log the 64 bit counter and the instance_ID, or concatenate the
 two (I would guess that the instance_ID will be handy in other situations
 too). Doesn't the cluster already have/need something like that?

 In order to generate such an instance_ID, we could:

  * make sure it's truly globally unique, e.g., by using a
    cryptographically secure, long (128 bit, maybe even 160 or more)
    random number. Possibly from an entropy pool (can we use OpenSSL
    for that?)

  * the user supplies a "hostID", we can then add time and PID
    and hash all that together to get the instance ID, e.g.,
    md5(hostID + PID + gettimeofday())
    (this should probably be fairly tolerant even if the hostID gets
    reused across machines).

 Alternatively, to save memory, we could hash the run_ID and the connection
 counter into a single 64bit number.

 It might be nice to be able to keep the run_ID part and the counter
 separate. E.g., assign 32 bit to the run_ID and the other 32 bit to the
 connection counter and then concatenate them to make up the 64 bit unique
 connection ID.


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