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#413: Headers not added to CMake-generated Xcode project
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 This probably isn't specific to Xcode, but that's where I notice the

 In order for files to be automatically added to a generated IDE project,
 CMake has to have specified them in a call to `add_executable()`,
 `add_library()`, etc.

 In some cases, headers and other files that one would want to edit within
 the IDE, but that the compiler doesn't explicitly need to know about, were
 omitted from these calls, making the user have to manually add them to the

 Fixing this may also be a good time to decide whether to change the way
 source files are specified to calls to `add_executable()`,
 `add_library()`, etc.  Either we can keep the hardcoded file list in the
 CMakeLists.txt or we can change it to use file globbing.  The pros/cons of
 either method are discussed here:


 I can see how one might get easily confused when trying to add a new
 source file if the globbing method is used.

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