[Bro-Dev] #427: Assertion failed: (!v), function Eval, file Trigger.cc

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Wed Mar 30 20:59:20 PDT 2011

#427: Assertion failed: (!v), function Eval, file Trigger.cc
  Reporter:  leres    |      Owner:
      Type:  Problem  |     Status:  new
  Priority:  Normal   |  Milestone:  Bro1.6
 Component:  Bro      |    Version:  1.5.2
Resolution:           |   Keywords:  ipv6
Changes (by robin):

 * keywords:   => ipv6
 * milestone:   => Bro1.6


 On Wed, Mar 30, 2011 at 21:59 -0000, you wrote:

 >  I think it's probably a coincidence that the "lookup_addr() only
 >  IPv4 addresses" error appears right before the assert() failure so I
 >  opened a new ticket.

 Without looking more closely yet, my guess is it's still related to
 IPv6 in some form, perhaps the trigger setup doesn't handle the error
 cases correctly in some cases. Tagging this with "ipv6" and marking
 for 1.6 to at least check whether it's something obvious we can fix

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