[Bro-Dev] #669: Bro-cut fails when no gawk is present

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Wed Nov 9 07:13:03 PST 2011

#669: Bro-cut fails when no gawk is present
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 Component:  Bro              |    Version:  2.0 Beta
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Comment (by robin):

 >  I know bro-cut depends on gawk, but if gawk is not present on the
 >  it is not obvious from the bro-cut errors.  Please have bro-cut check
 >  the presence of gawk and emit an easy-to-understand message that gawk
 >  required.

 Actually it shouldn't depend on gawk. It needs gawk just for doing
 the time conversion, but can fall back to standard awk if that's not
 needed. If -d is used but no gawk found, there should be a reasonable
 error message.

 So this sounds like a bug. Can you add the error message you're seeing
 to the ticket, and also the output of "bash -x bro-cut <your

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