[Bro-Dev] #679: Add support for deleting vector elements

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#679: Add support for deleting vector elements
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Comment (by gregor):

 >  Per the above example, yes, Bro expands the vector and fills it with
 >  values.
 >  >  Using one of those fields will probably cause a crash (or is it
 >  >  and causes a run-time error?)
 >  Worse, you get a very weird value back that has nothing to do with the
 >  vector itself.

 What happens if you access v[2]??

 The other (potentially independent) question is what v[42] does. Is the
 vector extended to contain 43 elements or does the core just access a non-
 existent element and thus just gets some random data back? Your output
 looks like its the latter case.

 Maybe the goal for 2.1 should be to do a complete overhaul/redesign of
 list / vector functionality in Bro. I.e., lets discuss what functionality
 makes sense and then implement that. IIRC, the current functionality is
 inconsistent and partially broken. And I think vectors are hardly used, so
 it shouldn't be too painful to adapt script level code.


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