[Bro-Dev] #701: Autodoc final version of redef'ed records (for logging)

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#701: Autodoc final version of redef'ed records (for logging)
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 (from an earlier e-mail)


 given a bunch of scripts, that extend record types (I mostly thinking
 about the Info records used for logging) if there a way to get a autodoc
 generated file that shows the final version of the record?

 The idea would be, that this "final version" is exactly what actually
 gets logged, so it would be a nice-to-have for users who want to
 understand all the columns in a log file. Now, they have to know all the
 scripts that are loaded that extend a particular record and look at
 their documentation to find out the meaning of columns / fields. This is
 fine for scripts in policy, but for the base scripts it would be nice to
 have a single place to go too.

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