[Bro-Dev] #661: Crash in host name lookup

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Wed Nov 30 11:40:30 PST 2011

#661: Crash in host name lookup
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Comment (by jsiwek):

 In [4444c56a9494fc3e38c1d39ae7d0d0fc812b5b8f/bro]:
 #!CommitTicketReference repository="bro"
 Fix double-free of DNS_Mgr_Request object (addresses #661)

 In DNS::Resolve, they could be deleted once from where they were
 stored in the nb_dns_info cookie and once again from where they
 were stored in the DNS_Mgr::requests list.  Before commit
 bd9c9372368f547d0930932de0995f50762b501c, they were only deleted
 from the requests list, so this commit reverts to that behavior
 without any leaks being reported by the core/leaks tests.

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