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#704: use of $BRO_LOG_SUFFIX
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 This is now inconsistently used, per the following email exchange:


 It looks like for the most part this is no longer used.  Hoewver, I see
 at least two exceptions.  The first is the function log_file_name() in
 util.cc, which appears to now only be used by DebugLogger.cc.  The second
 is open_log_file() in base/init-bare.bro (which calls log_file_name()),
 which only appears to be called by policy/misc/profiling.bro.


 Yeah, that's essentially not supported anymore right now. As you write,
 open_log_file() will still apply it, but almost nothing goes through
 that anymore.

 I believe this should be easy to fix for the ASCII writer. It can see
 the environment variable and would just need to add it to the
 filenames it generates.

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