[Bro-Dev] Weird stuff in weird.log

Seth Hall seth at icir.org
Fri Oct 7 21:01:51 PDT 2011

I'm seeing some odd stuff in my weird.log on a cluster.  It looks an extra tab character is getting put in after null values and then it's escaped.  Any clue what happened?

1318046447.381516	-\x09	-\x09	-\x09	-\x09	-\x09	non_IPv4_packet	-\x09	T
1318046447.960574	-\x09	-\x09	-\x09	-\x09	-\x09	non_IPv4_packet	-\x09	T
1318046447.960867	-\x09	-\x09	-\x09	-\x09	-\x09	non_IPv4_packet	-\x09	T
1318046513.637314	-\x09	-\x09	-\x09	-\x09	-\x09	non_IPv4_packet	-\x09	T
1318046447.932012	-\x09	-\x09	-\x09	-\x09	-\x09	non_IPv4_packet	-\x09	T
1318046447.935414	-\x09	-\x09	-\x09	-\x09	-\x09	non_IPv4_packet	-\x09	T


Seth Hall
International Computer Science Institute
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