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#622: Installation issues
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Comment (by jsiwek):

 > Thinking about this again, I believe my problem comes from the
 > difference between using a prefix of (for example) (1) /usr/local vs
 > (2) /usr/local/bro.
 > The current paths make sense for (2), but not for (1). I know we
 > settled on going with the model (2), but that still doesn't feel right
 > to me as it's different to what any other software does.

 Can you give an example of what's specifically different?  Is it that the
 default prefix for most other software is `/usr/local` ?

 > Anyway, if I'm the only one feeling this way, I'm fine leaving things
 > as they are at this point; changing would have implications for the
 > quickstart guide etc.

 My perspective right now is that the FHS says: "Local placement of local
 files is a local issue, so FHS does not attempt to usurp system

 Given that we've provided a way for the installer to change the root
 install prefix, and the log/spool dirs independently of it, the current
 setup seems adequate.  So I won't touch anything right now (unless someone
 jumps into the discussion to help us reason out a better approach).

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