[Bro-Dev] A few questions around Broccoli and its Ruby bindings

Matthias Vallentin vallentin at icir.org
Wed Oct 12 17:31:58 PDT 2011

> The ruby bindings always want to install to the system's ruby
> directory now (--prefix is currently ignored) because if I don't
> install them there it's a mess to use the library.  

Would you mind elaborating on the pain point a little bit? I do remember
that is an issue with libraries installed as gems, but can't recall that
it caused a lot of agony.

> It's no different from any other language binding in that respect.
> Perhaps there's a better way to handle this situation?

What comes to mind is installation in ~/.gem of the current user? This
is still not respecting PREFIX, yet at least less invasive than a
system-wide installation.


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