[Bro-Dev] Packaging (Re: Beta schedule)

Robin Sommer robin at icir.org
Tue Oct 18 12:36:34 PDT 2011

> - I'm making releases (with tarballs) for all the submodules.

I'm trying to build tar-files for all our submodules but I'm running
into a number of things.

First, afaics, not all modules yet provide the capability to create
the tarballs (or at least I can't directly figure out how).

    - capstats, binpac, and bro-aux: they have "dist" Makefile
      targets, but running thise gives me:

        make[1]: *** No rule to make target `package_source'.  Stop.

    - broccoli-ruby: No "dist" Makefile target and I have no idea how
    to do that for Ruby packages (I've just added an empty dummy one.)

Then, the top-level Bro "make-src-packages" also builts the Broccoli
and BroControl tgz. I think it would be better to leave that to the
submodules themselves, otherwise things get inconsistent (because we
have all these further submodules as well, which do it themselves). 
So I've removed those lines from make-src-packages.

I also noticed that Bro's make-src-packages essentially just tars
everything that's in the source directory (except for some tmp files
etc.). There's a problem with that: I'm sure that sometimes I will
have additional files lying around there which will then end up in the
distribution. Is there a way to make sure that only stuff under
version control gets actually into the tgz? (And please remind me:
what was the reason that we can't just let CMake do the tarballs?)

Here's how I'd like to do the tarballs: I've written a script that
recursively goes through all submodules and runs "make dist" there.
It's in aux/devel-tools now. The script then collects all the
resulting tarballs at the top-level with the right naming/path scheme
for copying them over to the web server. For that to work, we need to
ensure that (1) each Makefile has indeed a working "dist" target, and
(2) that that targets outputs the path to the generated tarball so
that the top-level script can pick it up. Most CMake-builds do (2)
already and for the Python modules I've added output in the form of
"Package: relative/path/to/tgz" (which is then grepped for).[1]


[1] It works to write out multiple lines like that if more than one
tgz is built (like bro vs bro-all). Btw, I'm wondering if we should
name them the opposite way: bro-2.0.tgz would include all submodules,
and bro-2.0-minimal.tgz would not. Same scheme for BroControl and
Broccoli (where we don't do two tarballs yet).

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