[Bro-Dev] Packaging (Re: Beta schedule)

Jonathan Siwek jsiwek at ncsa.illinois.edu
Wed Oct 19 13:04:24 PDT 2011

> The disadadvantage of this is that is erases all local changes right
> inside the repository I'm working in. Could "make dist" instead run
> the "git clean" inside the temporary copy that it's creating? (Which
> would probably mean that it needs to copy .git over first, then run
> git clean, and then rm .git). That way nothing I have lying around
> locally would be touched. I'm sure otherwise I will at some point
> accidentally delete something.

Ok, I'll change that.

> Also, the "git submodule foreach ..." descends into all subdirectories
> but doesn't execute inside the top-levle parent module. I think we
> need another "clean ..." at the top-level as well, right?

yeah, forgot about that, but I'll remove that entirely since it will be done in  the `make dists`

- Jon

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