[Bro-Dev] #646: Cleanup interpreter error handling.

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#646: Cleanup interpreter error handling.
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 From 15ab2874369b5d7a3e6a14df24b141fa759999bb (which has been merged into

  Currently, a lot of interpreter runtime errors, such as an access to
     an unset optional record field, cause Bro to abort with an internal
     error. This is an experimental branch that turns such errors into
     non-fatal runtime errors by internally raising exceptions. These are
     caught upstream and processing continues afterwards.

     For now, not many errors actually raise exceptions (the example above
     does though). We'll need to go through them eventually and adapt the
     current Internal() calls (and potentially others). More generally, at
     some point we should cleanup the interpreter error handling (unifying
     errors reported at parse- and runtime; and switching to exceptions for
     all Expr/Stmt/Vals). But that's a larger change and left for later.


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