[Bro-Dev] Hui Lin_default path to load .bro policy file

Jonathan Siwek jsiwek at ncsa.illinois.edu
Wed Oct 26 06:27:44 PDT 2011

> Since I could not merge master branch into my own developing branch, I manually copy ./script into separate location.
> I try to run Bro with "listen.bro" policy. In this policy, it contains the load command 
> @load base/frameworks/communication
> When I run it, Bro complains that 'can't open base/frameworks/communication'. I guess there should be some configuration that Bro can know where to start find the .bro policy. I am just wondering how to configure such path?

Probably the easiest way is modifying your BROPATH environment variable, but I'd recommend working out merging master with the changes in your topic branch to make sure things are sync'd up right.  I see you had another thread about that; will take a look a respond there if I see what's wrong.

- Jon

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