[Bro-Dev] snaplen and drops

Lothar Braun braun at net.in.tum.de
Fri Oct 28 01:49:19 PDT 2011


On Oct 28, 2011, at 5:36 AM, Robin Sommer wrote:
>> You could try to make libpcap allocate a bigger buffer with
>> pcap_set_buffer_size(). However, this must be called before
>> pcap_activate(), which means that you cannot use pcap_open_live() but
>> have to call pcap_create, pcap_set_snaplen, pcap_set_timeout,
>> pcap_activate yourself...
> Argh. Are they serious? There's essentially no way to control the
> buffer size? My patch now looks for an environment variable ...

You can change the buffer size in Bro if you use the new API for opening an interface. However, this will not work with libpcap versions < 1.0.0 

But that's not a real problem (at leat for  Linux) because these versions do not support memory mapping, anyways. 

If you want to use the new API and do not want to drop support for libpcap < 1.0.0, you have to check the pcap version in cmake and set some define for old versions (e.g. -DOLD_PCAP). Then you can have something like the following in PktSrc.cc:

#ifdef OLD_PCAP
	pd = pcap_open_live(...);
	if (!pd) 
	int status;
        pd = pcap_create(device, errorbuf);
        if (!pd)
        status = pcap_set_snaplen(pd, snaplen);
        if (status < 0)
                goto fail;
        status = pcap_set_promisc(pd, promisc);
        if (status < 0)
                goto fail;
        status = pcap_set_timeout(pd, to_ms);
        if (status < 0)
                goto fail;

	/* increase the buffer size */
	status = pcap_set_buffer_size(pd, new_bigger_buffer_size)
        if (status < 0)
                goto fail;

        status = pcap_activate(p);
        if (status < 0)
                goto fail;


#ifndef OLD_PCAP

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