[Bro-Dev] #652: Installation permissions for Broccoli bindings

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#652: Installation permissions for Broccoli bindings
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Comment (by jsiwek):

 > >  I'm seeing this problem only when my build system (ubuntu 10.04
 > >  has both "ruby" and "ruby-dev" installed.
 > That's interesting, I was already wondering why I hadn't seen this
 > earlier; seems it depends on circumstances (this was Mac OS X, without
 > any custom Ruby packages installed I believe).

 Yeah, when `broccoli-ruby` is included as a sub-project and dependencies
 are not satisfied, it just gives a warning that the ruby bindings will not
 be built (i.e. it's an optional component).  Which means in some cases it
 might never get the chance to ignore your `--prefix` option.

 I still need to review the issues behind the decision to ignore `--prefix`
 (I'm not an advanced Ruby user), but it seems not good to me as it is.

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