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#563: Check topic/broccoli-manual-rest
  Reporter:  robin          |      Owner:  jsiwek
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Comment (by jsiwek):

 > Yeah, but it would be good if we integrated the two (rst manual and
 > current API docs) in some form at least. I don't know how the API docs
 > are generated. Can we remove the old SGML docs but keep the current
 > API doc generation for now?

 The old API doc generation was never integrated with CMake and seems
 harder to repair than to just start from scratch and use Doxygen instead,
 so I've done that.

 So now there's two components under that `doc/` directory: 1) the reST
 manual and 2) the framework to generate HTML API docs via Doxygen

 The best way of integrating those into the `www` is still an open question
 (I'm trying to figure out a good scheme to collect/group documentation
 according to Bro version), but I think you can consider merging this
 branch as that gets sorted out separately.

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