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#563: Check topic/broccoli-manual-rest
  Reporter:  robin          |      Owner:  jsiwek
      Type:  Merge Request  |     Status:  assigned
  Priority:  Low            |  Milestone:  Bro1.6
 Component:  Broccoli       |    Version:  git/master
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Comment (by jsiwek):

 > - I get this error with `make doc`:
 > {{{
 > Generating file member index...
 > finalizing index lists...
 > finished...
 > [100%] Built target broccolidoc
 > make[4]: *** No rule to make target `broccolidoc', needed by
 `doc/CMakeFiles/doc'.  Stop.
 > make[3]: *** [doc/CMakeFiles/doc.dir/all] Error 2
 > make[2]: *** [doc/CMakeFiles/doc.dir/rule] Error 2
 > make[1]: *** [doc] Error 2
 > make: *** [doc] Error 2
 > }}}

 Do you still see this? If so, what directory are you running `make doc`
 from and what version of CMake are you using?

 > -  The generated Doxygen docs show the data structures on the overview
 page but not the more important functions.

 Now sure exactly what you mean, but maybe this is addressed by the other
 fixes.  Not sure what to do right now about the main index being so empty,
 but it can be extended with the `@mainpage` section I added at the top of

 > Also, they don't seem to pick up some (all?) of the comments

 Think I got this by updating some comment styles and setting an AUTOBRIEF
 to the Doxyfile config.

 > - Generally I think we don't need/want to document all the internal
 stuff. An equivalent of this page would be good:
 http://www.icir.org/christian/broccoli/manual/broccoli-broccoli.html I
 believe that's just `broccoli.h`.

 Changed it to just render docs for broccoli.h.

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