[Bro-Dev] Installation thoughts

Jonathan Siwek jsiwek at ncsa.illinois.edu
Fri Sep 16 08:18:49 PDT 2011

> - I noticed that we still install scripts that are now obsolete:
>        bro-logchk.pl
>        hot-report
>        mon-report
>        mvlog
>  That leaves us in into $prefix/scripts with:
>        host-grep       
>        ip-grep
>        host-to-addrs
>        lock_file
>  However, I'm almost thinking we should remove these as well; not
>  sure it's worth shipping them. Or, if we really want to keep them,
>  at least don't install by default (then perhaps as part of the
>  "install-aux" target from above).

Check http://tracker.bro-ids.org/bro/ticket/511

I think they're removed in the `topic/dist-cleanup` branch.  Maybe those branches can be merged across the repos now -- I think just the COPYING normalization task wasn't finished yet.

- Jon

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