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#622: Installation issues
 Reporter:  robin          |       Type:  Problem
   Status:  new            |   Priority:  Normal
Milestone:  Bro1.6 Bro1.7  |  Component:  Bro
  Version:  git/master     |   Keywords:  beta
 Sorry for going back to the installation process but a few thoughts
 about "make install" (feel free to remind me about past discussions, I
 don't remember these very well anymore):

 - It currently installs the following binaries:

     adtrace         bdcat           bro             broccoli-config
     broctl          capstats        ftwire2bro      nfcollector
     rst             trace-summary

   That's seem too much to me, I think we should skip the bro-aux
   programs by default. That would then leave us with just

     bro broctl capstats trace-summary broccoli-config

   We could add target "make install-aux" to get the rest.

 - It creates "$prefix/logs". I don't remember whether we discussed
   this already, but is that a good default location for logs?

 - I noticed that we still install scripts that are now obsolete:


   That leaves us in into $prefix/scripts with:


   However, I'm almost thinking we should remove these as well; not
   sure it's worth shipping them. Or, if we really want to keep them,
   at least don't install by default (then perhaps as part of the
   "install-aux" target from above).

 - Was there a reason we install the spool pieces directly into
   $prefix/spool/ instead of into $prefix/spool/bro/?

 - test-all-policy.bro ends up in share/bro, which doesn't seem right.

 - Do we really need to install share/bro/site/local-proxy.bro? It's
   empty and unlikley that many people will want to edit it.

 - Thoughts about local.bro:

     * Why is "@load protocols/http/detect-webapps" commented out? We
     should add a comment explaining when one would want to include it.

     * "Requires that the Site::local_zones variable". We should add
     where/how to do that. Perhaps an empty definition right in

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