[Bro-Dev] cmake repo/submodule

Jonathan Siwek jsiwek at ncsa.illinois.edu
Mon Sep 19 10:36:55 PDT 2011

I'd like to reorganize all the CMake-related scripts of each repository (the cmake/ dirs) into it's own repository and then just have each repo use that as a submodule.  The advantage of this is decreasing the burden of maintaining CMake script changes -- there's a lot of shared code between repos that are currently maintained separately.  Disadvantages might be:

1) more submodule maintenance. I think we already understand well enough how do this that it's not going to be a problem, and maintaining submodules is much less of a burden than maintaining CMake scripts in each repo

2) initializing/updating at least this cmake module after cloning the parent repo will be required to configure/build it.  This is only a problem for people that weren't cloning recursively, but to take care of it I'll just make the ./configure scripts do the cmake/ submodule initialization if it sees nothing's there.

Anyone think of a reason not to go forward with that plan?

(This could wait until release-after-next, but it's been nagging at me lately).

- Jon

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