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#808: topic/icmp6
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Comment (by robin):

 One question though: In {{{ICMP_Analyzer::RouterAdvert}}}:

 vl->append(new Val(htons(icmpp->icmp_lifetime), TYPE_COUNT));
 vl->append(new Val(reachable, TYPE_INTERVAL));
 vl->append(new Val(retrans, TYPE_INTERVAL));

 These don't look right.

 (1) Is hton really correct for the lifetime? Should the lifetime be of
 (2) TYPE_INTERVAL must be initialized with doubles, not with uint32; and
 it's needs seconds, not ms, as I believe the reachable/retrans fields
 record, don't they?

 (Merging it as it is, please commit fixes to fast path as appropriate and
 then close this ticket).

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