[Bro-Dev] Binpac

Dave, Anil adave at cyberpointllc.com
Thu Apr 26 08:45:16 PDT 2012

What is the best way to create a composite binpac analyzer from several (two 
or more) .pac files: Need to create a parser  for an ipv6 session that 
encapsulates and parses portions of an http session and html5 mime following a 
successful ipv6 parse

Specifically:  using http-protcol.pac and a simple ipv6.pac need to create 
derived classes for http from the ipv6 base class.

Generally : how are linked analyzers created beyond using constructs like 
%include XYZ.pac which result in binpac build errors such as undeclared 

Can reference types cross analyzer .pac files as in normal C++ #include 
<abc.h>  provides ? - Neil

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