[Bro-Dev] Debug mode to resolve root cause Binpac exceptions

Dave, Anil adave at cyberpointllc.com
Mon Apr 30 11:08:00 PDT 2012


1.      Need to parse complex embedded types within each other that ultimately  process regular expressions in the input stream  that selectively parse/reject that  input stream to isolate viral contamination.

2.      Tried embedding an {type id : regular expression}  within a Binpac [type = record{ id = RE/…/ ]}], which compiles, but causes a run-time Binpac exception.

3.      Other embedded record types cause Binpac exceptions also.

4.      Need a debug mode of Binpac to isolate my “user-caused” error: any mechanism?  Gdb was not much help since the exception lands in a Linux library .so.

5.      How are people debugging this category of problem?

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