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#868: Merge request for topic/bernhard/input-allow_invalid_types
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 topic/bernhard/input-allow_invalid_types contains a change for the input
 framework, which allows to use records which contain optional file or
 function elements.

 By default the input framework still behaves exactly as before - it fails
 when a user wants to read to a record containing a file/function. When
 setting Input::accept_unsupported_types to true, it changes to accept
 these types - but only if they are optional, used for the values of a
 table or for events that are not unrolled. When these cases are
 encountered, a warning is logged and the fields are set to uninitialized.

 This allows reading all kinds of logfiles that have previously been
 written to disk - e.g. to re-write them using some other logging output

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